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Union Chemicar is a Japanese manufacturer of quality thermal transfer ribbons , who started coating their own range of thermal ribbons in 1983. We are producing and slitting here in UK full range of ribbons , unique thermal inkjet systems and fast delivery time to ensure that all customers are getting the best service they deserve.


We slit jumbo rolls here in UK to standard stock and non-stock sizes, with orders delivered within 5 working days . We are proud to offer full range of quality thermal transfer ribbons for use on flat or near edge printers : quality waxes , wax/resin and resin , to suit your requirementes.

Also we can mark our products with codes that are relevant to your company.


We do not sell any other products such as printers, labels or maintenance contracts . Also , we supply ribbons and thermal inkjet products to printer manufacturers and to re-sellers , never to the end user, to avoid any conflict of interest with our company.

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                 Company Profile

Trade name                                     UNION CHEMICAR CO., LTD.

Founding                                          9th year of Taisho (1920)

Capital                                              90 million yen (Osaka SME Investment Development Co., Ltd. etc.)

Number of employees                    120 people

Representative Director

and President                                  Kimura Eiichi

Osaka Head Office                          Head Office, Tel.072-856-3321 Fax.072-856-3378 Head Office 3-10,

                                                           Shodaita, Hirakata, 573-1132, Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Sales Department
(Osaka Head Office)                        573-1132 3-10 Shodaitachi, Hirakata-shi,
                                                           Osaka Directly to the Osaka Sales Department Tel.072-856-4091                 

Tokyo Sales Department               Tel. 03-5825-3641 , 4th floor, Takisei Building, 3-2-                                                                                                                                                                 9 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032, Japan
Business content                           ・Manufacturing and sales of printer supplies

                                                         ・Manufacturing and sales of copying-related products
                                                         ・Manufacturing and sales of stationery and office-related products

Qualification                                   Quality management system international standard " ISO9001 " certification Registration number:                                                                           JQA-1784
                                                          Registration activity range (design / development, manufacture and sale of the following products :                                                                        Ribbon for dot impact printer, thermal transfer ribbon for thermal printer, ink for hot roll printer Roll,                                                                  transfer tape (correction tape, tape glue, etc.)
                                                          -Registration date: June 27, 1997
                                                          -Registered offices: Head office factory, Tokyo sales office


1905 (1905)                                       Founding of the first president, Yanosuke Kosaka, production of Japanese-style carbon paper

19th year of Taisho (1920)             Reorganized into a corporate organization, Carbon Paper Co., Ltd., and started production of Western-                                                                 style carbon paper.

1950 (Showa 25)                              Started development and production of back carbon copy paper

1962 (1962)                                       Started development and production of new resin type copying paper "Unicoat" (carbonless paper)

1963                                                  Started development and production of new resin type copying paper "High Copy"

1971                                                   Started production of computer terminal ribbons, typewriter ribbons, and ink rolls . Moved head office                                                                  and head office factory to Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture.

1973                                                   Became the exclusive agent in Japan for the lettering products "Deca Dry"  and "Alphac Lettering", and                                                                    started importing and selling ( -2010 )

1982                                                  Started production of film ribbons for OA and released brush type correction  pen "One Touch!"

1983 (1983)                                        Started production of thermal ribbons

1984                                                  Japan's first! Released the dry type transfer type correction sheet "Fasto"  which is the base of the                                                                            correction tape.

1986                                                  Changed company name to Union Chemicar Co., Ltd.

1987 (1987)                                        Launched WEMEE, a correction pen that allows you to adjust the amount of ink by pressing the container.

1989                                                  UK office: Established Union Chemikar UK Ltd.

1990                                                  Started development and production of OA paper "Deca Dry Print" ( -2010 ) Started development and                                                                      production of correction tape "erasable mouse  mini"

1991                                                   Started development and production of automatic winding type correction tape "Erase Shimouse 2Way"                                                                that proposed two ways of pushing and pulling.

1992                                                  China (Tianjin) base: Established Union Office Supplies <Tianjin> Co., Ltd. U.S. base: Established Union                                                                 Chemicar America Inc. Started development and production of tape-replacement type correction                                                                           tape, "Simouse α"

1993                                                  Started development and production of toner cartridge recycling "toner repair system" (-March 2012)

1994                                                  Adhesive tape in a cassette Tape glue "Gruler" started development and production

1995                                                  Started development and production of pen-type correction tape "erased mouse β"  Started development                                                               and production of "refill ink for inkjet printers " (-2010 )

1996                                                 Pioneer of decoration tape Started development and production of fluorescent tape "Piros"

1997                                                  Obtained certification of international standard "ISO9001" of quality management system

1999                                                 Established Union Chemika Europe BV in Holland: Started development and production of eco-friendly                                                                 correction tape "Sho Shimouse e" (-2010)

2000                                                Started development and production of large format inkjet media "U-media"                                                         (- April 2015)

2001                                                 Started development and production of "Ink ribbon for plain paper FAX"                                                             (-2010)

2004                                                Started development and production of tape glue "Glora L" (-July 2011)                                                                                                                             Started development and production of  cold laminated film "U-medifits" (-2015). 

                                                         Started development of inkjet ink for foods

2006                                                Started development and production of the correction tape "Erase Shimouse HG"for ultra-fine pens

2007                                                 Japan's first! Started development and production of color correction tape "Colors" that can be used for                                                                 decoration.

2008                                                Started development and production of "Glula mini", a tape paste with strong adhesive tape (up to October                                                             2018)

2009                                                Started development and production of "Lines," the world's first tape market that makes letters stand out.                                                             Started development and production of high-capacity tape glue "Glurer 60."

2011                                                  Began development and production of the correction tape "Erase Shimouse HG16" equipped with ultra-                                                                 thin tape

2013                                                 China (Shanghai) base: Established Yufu Thin Film Products <Shanghai> Co., Ltd.

2014                                                 Started development and production of inkjet ink for tablet printing
                                                         Mexico base: Union Chemica Mexico SA de CV established

2016                                                 Started operation of “Food Print” , a specialized site for edible inkjet

2017 (2017)                                       Started production of thermal inkjet cartridges
                                                         India base: Union Chemika India Pvt. Ltd. established

First part of 2019 (2019)               Launched the brand "WOCCS" of thermal inkjet printing system and started sales

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